Why Use Me to Sell?

Top 10 Reasons To Use Me To Sell Your Home


1.  Experience, Education, Broker’s License.  (18 years Real Estate Experience in El Dorado County)

2.  (28) Years of contract negotiation experience leads to the best terms and highest price sale.

3.  Strong negotiations on your behalf result in the least “cost of sale” possible.

4.  No legal problems after the sale.  (All disclosures & legal requirements completed properly)

5.  Honesty & Integrity, at all times.  (Unfortunately our industry ranks terribly in this category)

6.  Maximum Exposure of your property to ensure the most, quickest and highest offers.

7.  Availability on Your Time!  (I’m available 7am - 9pm (7) days a week so flexible to your schedule)

8.  Personal Responsibility. (One call does is all;  from sign placement to completed escrow)

9.  Customized Service. (My services include whatever you need in your situation)

10. Best Service in the industry.  (See Testimonials under the Seller’s tab)


These last (2) are very important to me and not just a "cliche".  I take care of my clients and their needs are always different.   From purchasing and installing the mandatory Carbon Monoxide detector and Water Heater Strapping,  to Hospice and Dump runs during their move...  watering their plants while they are away or setting up automatic timer lights if their home is vacant...  making minor repairs,  touchup paint, lawn mowing & yard work to improve curb appeal, or carpet cleaning to improve our showings...    Selling is already a stressful enough process and my "extra service" reduces at least some of it!


As I was leaving a home that I had just sold recently, I overheard the buyer (not my client) say  "gosh, I wish our realtor had helped us like that when we sold our home".