“I still cannot believe the service I received from Jeff Vanskike.  He sold my home in Shingle Springs in late 2015 and I don’t think I could have done it without him.  Not only did we sell in only a month but we got over our asking price and I didn’t have to make any repairs!  I was impressed how Jeff handled the negotiations for me. Leading up to listing,  he made a bunch of little repairs around my home and did some paint touchup in the house as well as on my fencing outside.  And talk about above and beyond, he made probably a dozen trips to both my storage unit and hospice while I was getting ready to put it on the market and after the sale was complete!   Jeff knew I was stressed out over getting everything done by our closing date. The day before closing he showed up to help me clean and he even brought a carpet shampooer and did all the carpets!”

“Jeff, If you have a client thinking of selling,   I’d be happy to speak with them about the process and the incredible service I received.     Thanks again!”

Gloria Rose, Shingle Springs


“Thank you Jeff, for the professional and efficient way you handled the sale of my home in Cameron Park.  I was very pleased with the thoughtful, courteous and friendly manner you showed during our association.  I hope you will come visit me at my new home in Nevada.”

Lillian Hamilton, Cameron Park


“Thank you for your assistance regarding the value of our property and what we can do to get the most for it. As you know, it is still unclear in our situation if we will end up selling the property, but I really appreciate you being so helpful and honest about my options; even though it may not lead to any business for you."  

Dawn Millward,  Cameron Park


“Jeff is Great!   How else can I say it.  After my Mom passed away we needed to sell her home.  There was a whole lot of stuff that needed to be moved either to storage or donated,  and Jeff helped us with that before and after the sale!  We got a great price for the home even though it wasn’t in tip top shape at that point and we didn’t have to pay for or make any repairs.  The service was amazing and now I recommend Jeff to all of my friends and family!” 

Deni Morgan,  Shingle Springs


“Jeff does an awesome job and was very thorough. He was very communicative and considerate”.  “As I mentioned in your ‘customer satisfaction survey’, he is very knowledgeable on market conditions and contractual issues, and he was an excellent negotiator on my behalf.”

Carol Farinacci,  Cameron Park,  CA.



 “Over the last 15 years I have recommended Jeff to many of my friends, and all have had a great experience with him.  It is nice to hear good things back when you recommend someone.”


“Recently, I have been considering selling my home and I have been evaluating the pros and cons of doing so.  Jeff has been extremely helpful in providing me information on my home, potential new homes, loans, finances, taxes and all the other issues I have had to consider. His breadth of knowledge has been invaluable to me.”


“Besides all of the fantastic service we have received from Jeff, the thing that we most appreciate, is that we feel we get honest, no pressure, un-self serving help from him.  We feel that he is honest with us in every instance, even when it means that he will not be ‘getting any business’ from us.  This is a rare quality that we greatly appreciate.”


“Well, we did it!  That went very smoothly and Kim and I wanted to thank you very much for not only selling our property there in Placerville, but helping us with the purchase of the ‘Callahan Emporium’!  We’re in and running the business and all is looking good.”


“We wanted you to know that we really appreciate all your help.  The carpet was an excellent idea and very inexpensive through your guy.  We really think that helped us get what we wanted for the place.  And your help moving our things and even storing a lot of it for us was above and beyond the call of duty!  Thanks again.”

Robert Brown, Placerville



“Just wanted to thank you very much for all the help you offered my family in the recent sale of our home.  As you know, it was a difficult situation for us and it wasn’t the ideal scenario for selling.  Working with the lawyers as you did and attending the court session to ensure the sale was more than I could have expected anyone to do.”

Lori Simpson,  Shingle Springs



“Jeff was extremely helpful to us with the recent sale of our home and our move.  He went above and beyond the call of duty in helping us pack up our belongings, loading the moving trucks, and cleaning our home to prepare it for sale. He even provided a trailer and made ‘dump runs’ for us.”


“Because of my job transfer back East, my family and I were forced to move quickly without the time to prepare our home for sale. Jeff helped us out greatly by taking care of that process.”

John Jacott, El Dorado



“It was the best service I have received in any industry.  As well, we were in a bidding war for the property that I purchased and Jeff was able to get our bid accepted without my having to spend any more than what was absolutely necessary. He was very professional and knowledgeable and I felt like he was always looking out for my best interests. He even helped me clean up the home and property before I moved in.” 

Paul Salas,  Pollock Pines



“Thank you again for helping us find our property here on Tiffany.  It is an incredible place to live and we are enjoying it thoroughly.”


“Thanks Jeff, for all you did to get the condo sold. As always, your service was outstanding and I think we got the best price possible.  Please keep an eye out for another good deal on a similar property in the Cameron Park area.”     


“I think we got a steal on the commercial property so thank you for helping me negotiate that. Whether we develop it, or just resell, I think it is a great investment.”

Joe Farinacci,  Rescue



“Thank you for assisting us in finding our new home.  Because of my job relocation, we were in a hurry to move and we appreciate your being so available to look at properties.”


“Now that we are settled in, we are thinking about possibly selling and finding some land to build our dream home on.  We are again very appreciative of the help and information that you are providing us including the tax issues we have discussed.  Thanks again Jeff.”

David Kast, Pollock Pines/Rescue



“ Thank you very much, Jeff, for all you did to sell our property in Pacifica.  I think we did very well even in a slumping market and we are pleased that the new owners will take care of the place as we always did.  That leaves us with a good feeling.”


“Recommending a second opinion on the pest inspection company saved us over $7,000.  I never would have thought there could be that much difference between companies, but again, thanks for the advice.”


“We can’t tell you how much we’re enjoying our new place here in Placerville!  And the contractor you recommended is doing a fabulous job on the new garage.  Your father is having the time of his life getting ready to set up his new shop and office!”


“Thanks again for finding us the perfect home – it truly is, and we are so happy we moved here.”

 Frank & Karlene Vanskike,  Pacifica/Placerville



“We cannot express to you how happy we are with our new home and property.  Thank you so much for helping us find it.  After looking at so many properties, we were beginning to think we would not find something that would meet our needs, let alone, something that was so incredibly perfect!   And then to top it all off, we felt like based on all the other properties we looked at, we got this one at a great price!” 

Lynette and Marcus Hodge,  “The Hodge Lodge”,  Placerville