Some Great Savings



49er propane is advertising 79 cent/gallon propane fill through the end of July!!

The cheapest I've ever seen is .99 back in 1999!!     If you need a fill, give em a call!

49er offers a free lease tank the first year if you need new service or want to change suppliers!

If Interested, call soon as it ends at the end of July!

(530) 622-1353


Dennis is currently offering a FREE APPRAISAL to my clients that are Refinancing or Buying!

Rates are incredibly low right now but the Fed is talking possible increase!

 I just refinanced and am saving almost $300/mo... $3,600/year!



If you are considering Selling, let me do a free Market Analysis on your Property to get the "real" value!   Zillow is behind the market and most likely your value is greater!

I am offering a reduced commission through the summer which will literally

save You $1,000s on the sale of your property!

If You know someone Buying or Selling, Please refer me....

I will take Fabulous care of them!!  Thank You.