Mosquitos On Your Property

Zika, West Nile, Dengue, Heartworm in our pets!   All transferred by these nasty little guys!

Last week while cleaning up the yard, I noticed 100s of little wiggling larve in my fish pond!


Here’s what to do on your property to keep them from breeding


The Key:  Eliminate any possible standing water…. buckets, flower pots, garbage cans, plugged up gutters, old tires, low spots in cement, even dirt holes in the yard that hold water.  Make sure when you water the yard you don’t leave any pooling…. they can breed in less than a tablespoon!


For Fountains, Fish Ponds, Bird Bathes, etc. This is an all natural product that won’t hurt any wildlife or plants!

One Tab Lasts 30 days…   worked great in my fish pond!  You can get this 6 pack at

Home Depot Garden Center near the checkout for $9.97!


You can also find these in the same location! The citro candles have worked well for me.

Don’t forget to spray your ankles and feet, mosquitos that carry zika like feet for some reason!




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