Already working with a lender you like?  I’m happy to work with them.  If not, please consider using Dennis Amaral.  He is extremely knowledgeable, very easy to work with and offer’s a rate guarantee that ensures you get the best rate possible.  He also has the same “no pressure” attitude and business philosophy as myself.  We both believe in helping every client with whatever their needs are, without respect to our own interests or gain.


Credit Score:  Got a good one,  Fabulous.  You will have no problem getting a loan with the best terms.  Credit scores not so good?  there are loans available for you… not quite as good as with a higher score, but even if a little higher interest rate, still excellent!   Need help improving scores,  use Continental Credit to repair your scores.  I used them in 2015 to improve mine and I had 100 point gain in all my scores in just 5 months!


Downpayment:   An FHA loan requires only 3.5% down payment and other loan programs require 0!   If you happen to have 20% or more all the better;  Your loan terms will be even better.


Rates:   Are incredible!   In the high 3’s currently,  this is far below the historic average of rougly 8%!


Taxes:  The mortgage deduction allows you to literally bring home on average $600 to $1,200 more of your income every month!