How My Seller's Save?


Have you ever gotten a discount only to find that you received much less because of it?


Not Here!   You have less cost, more savings, and far better/more Service!


Take a look at the testimonials under the “Sellers Tab”.  These are all actual client’s and their comments & written statements!  If you’d like to talk to some of my past clients just let me know.




Along With Receiving The Best Service, There Are Several Ways You Will Save $$


Reduced Commissions 

I charge 5.5% instead of the traditional 6% for all listings under $600K,  and 5% on listings above that.


Contract Negotiations

I negotiate a contract for you that results in the highest sales price and least “cost of sale” possible.  This is crucial for the best outcome of my client.  I deal with Realtors consistently that don’t do the best they can for their client.


Highest Value Possible on Your Property

We want your home to sell for the highest price possible. Often times it pays to do some fixup, repair, paint, cleanup prior to selling. I will work with you to accomplish  this at the least cost possible including doing minor repairs myself!