Home Maintenance, Insurance Rates, Mortgages


Yep, it's that time again!

Here's a handy tool you can get at Home Depot for less than $4.


 Located w/the building supplies near the gutters/flashing in the

back far left corner of the store....


Fall maintenance checklist


Have Your Insurance Rates Been Jacked Up!?


 CA Fires have made some of the major companies decide to jack your rates until you leave them!

Call Kamber Mendoza at Interwest Insurance Services at  (916) 609-8365

Chances are she will have a Great Company that actually wants Your business and

at a lower rate than your current carrier!


(she's very knowledgeable & helpful & is saving me almost $1,000/year.... & my coverage is actually better!)


Mortgage Rates and Reverse Mortgages


 The FED decided not to raise interest rates at their last meeting. You can still get a New Purchase or Refinance rate around 3.75% !


 Sample Refi or Purchase on $250K loan amount:  $1,158 + $300 tax/Ins.

= $1,458 total Payment


Have you ever thought about a Reverse Mortgage?   I had an interesting conversation with Dennis the other day and I was amazed with all the options....   the best part,  a real estate market increase of roughly 4% annually results in a break even with the money you take out! 

ie. You Keep Your Equity!


  Dennis Amaral:  "If you are thinking of downsizing, and/or need additional income for retirement, don’t forget Reverse Mortgages and Reverse Mortgage purchases. This is a way to let your house pay you instead of you paying for your house. You can refinance your existing home, or sell it and buy another using a Reverse Mortgage. This will potentially eliminate your mortgage payments, giving you more cash flow, or if your home is paid off you may qualify for additional monthly income. This is a great program for those 62 years old, or older. This program has been refined and DOES NOT steal your equity. It is backed by HUD and FHA. The equity is yours for you or your heirs to enjoy. For those of you whose parents need more income to stay in their home this would work for them too.  Please give us a call if you'd like additional info."



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