Many of our clients are taking advantage of an incredible new loan program called a

“Reverse Mortgage Purchase”


This is NOT THE OLD  “sign over your home for a monthly check”  plan!   In fact, they are Federally Insured and if the market increases by roughly 4% per year,  you’ll

give up none of your original Equity!!


If you’re thinking of selling your home to downsize, you can take the proceeds and use a Reverse Mortgage Purchase for the new home, put down only half what the new home costs and have NO MORTGAGE PAYMENT!

This can free up $100,000s for you to use in retirement!



Example:   Sell a home you own outright for $500K,  Purchase a new home for $300K,  Put down half ($150K), have no mortgage payment, and

pocket $350,000 to use in retirement!


If you’d like more information on Reverse Mortgages call Dennis!